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  1. Metallic Boy-Cut Brief

    Cheer Fantastic Metallic Boy-Cut Briefs 00222


    These metallic briefs will match most metallic uniform styles while offering more coverage than your average cheer brief. Learn More
  2. Boy-Cut Briefs

    Cheer Fantastic Boy-Cut Briefs 00433


    These boy-cut briefs offer a bit more coverage than our standard cheer briefs and are available in a wide variety of colors. Learn More
  3. Cheer Fanastic Briefs

    Cheer Fantastic Briefs 00109


    Available in most colors, these briefs are the easiest choice for most cheer teams. Learn More
  4. Cheer Fanastic Low-Rise Boy-Cut Briefs

    Cheer Fantastic Low-Rise Boy-Cut Briefs 00133


    These boy-cut briefs are perfect for those low-rise skirt styles while giving you a bit more coverage. Learn More
  5. Cheer Fantastic Low-Rise Briefs

    Cheer Fantastic Low-Rise Briefs 00139


    These briefs are perfect for any team with low-rise uniform skirt styles! Learn More
  6. Cheer Fanastic Metallic Briefs

    Cheer Fantastic Metallic Briefs 00209


    For teams with metallic colors, these briefs are available in a variety metallic's. Learn More


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